What Can YOU Benefit from

'The Proven Path to Eternal Beauty'

Dr Pierre

by Dr Pierre,

the Leading Research Scientist of Herbal Cosemeceuticals and Beauty Therapy Who Advices You from a position of Practice, Knowledge, Competency and Experience.



This book is ideal for People with Seemingly Permanent Skin Blemishes

This is not just another Beauty Tips eBook that you can download elsewhere or obtain from any book store


Dr Pierre eBook_The Proven Path to Eternal Beauty

It Contains Full of Effective and Excellent Live Cases Beauty Advice to Attain a More Beautiful and Gorgeous YOU!

Through this eBook, Dr. Pierre seeks to help you better understand the true nature of the onset of various skin flaws and to find a solution for your persistent and long-lasting skin flaws.



As a trend leader of the beauty industry and formulator of internationally acclaimed beauty products, Dr. Pierre wants to help you find the most effective treatment for your skin issues.



Dr. Pierre has over 30 years of experience and research in creating unique and pioneering beauty products.He is an ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) certified Beauty Therapy Teacher, a certified Physiatrist, and was trained by the late Dr. William Arnhold Taylor, Founding Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, and the Founder of ITEC, UK.


He has had major success in treating skin flaws that were previously thought to be incurable by dermatologists.



Dr. Pierre's eBook sets itself apart in the fact that the questions raised and included in the text are actual questions from the public and his real-life customers, seeking help curing their skin flaws.Other eBooks on the subject simply take information gathered from other sources to present.



However, Dr. Pierre believes in providing people with answers he knows will work, because he has conducted the research and presents what has proven to be successful in real-life cases.


Real patient testimonials are also included in this eBook, so you can learn how Dr. Pierre's products, therapies and expert advices have changed their lives.



Dr. Pierre has the experience and research background to help you find a solution for your skin problem.Read this eBook and discover how he can help you on a road to recovery today.


'The Proven Path to Eternal Beauty' is a compilation of random personal beauty questions from the public & Dr Pierre's customers, and his corresponding answers, covering the following topics:

CheckIcon Non-comedogenic versus comedogenic products
CheckIcon Cleansers & Harsh effects of soaps
CheckIcon Dark under eye circles
CheckIcon Dry and Dehydrated Skin 
CheckIcon Makeup
CheckIcon Oily Skin and Sebhorrea 
CheckIcon Pigmentation (melasma/chloasma)
CheckIcon Scars
CheckIcon Allergy and sensitive skin 
CheckIcon Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 
CheckIcon UV Rays effect on the skin
CheckIcon Whiteheads or milia

Each skin blemish topic begins with a passage, or more, of clear & systematic illustration with multiple pictures and explanations. 

For years Dr Pierre has assisted many men and women disclose the truths and demystify the myths on several areas that pertain to claims on skin care products, beauty knowledge you thought you really knew, proper usage and more, thereby allowing them to attain beautiful and gorgeous complexion and getting back their self-confidence! 

'The Proven Path to Eternal Beauty' will also make you well-informed than any other conventional beauty expert or aesthetician in town, as every answer from Dr Pierre is based on his long years of experience in the field as a research scientist, ITEC practicing beauty expert, pioneer ITEC beauty therapy teacher and formulator of international Award-winning Herbal Cosmeceuticals & trend leading products.

There are few in the beauty industry who possess such rare synergy of talents and the real passion in helping people regain their youthful baby-soft complexion and confidence.

You'll never regret reading this eBook and learning first-hand applied beauty knowledge from Dr Pierre!



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