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These are some hand-written testimonials with their respective Typed-Transcription, and Translation (for those that were written in Chinese)


Dr. Pierre's facial by Dr. Pierre himself is the best. I've experienced:


-Thorough assessment of skin condition for each facial.

-Different treatment depending on assessment.

-Unique “tai-chi” massage!


Mdm Lim's facial is great:


-Generous, varying products application.

-Attention to skin condition and details.

-Good, long massage

-Very warm, friendly service.


Anita Ng

July 23, 2009




Most of all the products and facials are very effective:


-Immediate results for superficial problems.

-Sure, long term results for deep problems.

-Open pores are indeed refined and healing in long run.

-Rashes in hyper-sensitive skin are gradually healing.


Certainly highly recommended.


Anita Ng

July 26, 2009




I am very impressed with Dr. Pierre products. I have used the products for more than 6 months now, my skin has never been so clean, tender and glowing.


The results are shown, even after the first treatment.


Thanks to Dr. Pierre for the outstanding products.


Catherine Gwee

July 26, 2009




Thanks for Dr Pierre’s Efficacious Herbal products which have healed 70% of my skin problems. My skin problems are dry/leathery/eczema. Everyday for more than 10 years, my face has been shedding lots of dead cells.


I went to both Traditional Chinese and Western types of treatments but all to no avail.


After receiving treatment from Dr Pierre and after using their products through a friend’s recommendation, my complexion improved very quickly.

Cun Mei




I'm Lavinia Khew, a beautician in KL, operating two salons - one in PJ and the other in Subang.

My husband, Dr Tan, is a medical doctor having his own clinic.

We did initially promote other brands of skincare products, but we found them ineffective.

Through my husband's (Dr Tan) recommendation, I tried Dr Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals Wondergel and anti-comedo products, and found them highly effective in treating open-pores and clogged-pores, which have been our major challenges.

Since then, we have been using Dr Pierre's products in our clinic and salon with many satisfied customers now.

Dr Tan and Lavinia Khew

August 17, 2008



I am very thankful to Dr Pierre for helping me clear my blackheads and coarse pore problems. Previously, I have tried many different methods but all were useless and I still felt stressful. After receiving Dr Pierre’s treatment, I discovered that Dr Pierre’s products are truly very effective.

Elizabeth Lai
Sept 6, 2009



I had constant acne problems despite diligently taking good care of my skin. When Mdm Lim introduced me to Vitoba Essence on my visit in October 2009, I was very hesitant and doubtful it'd help my problem. Since using it each night, my face condition seems more controlled and I don't see any pimples anymore! VTB is costly but it's worth spending the money.


Gina Tam


November 27, 2009



I was really glad and over the moon when I saw a great improvement on my AC(Acne) face after visiting Dr. Pierre's shop. I suffer from Acne redness, scars and pimples. After a few facial treatments done by both Mdm Lim and Irene, I saw that my face had lesser pimples and the redness also reduced!


Dr. Pierre's products were really good, like the old ginseng moisture cleanse, it cleans my face thoroughly and leaving a fresh scent. 089 Ginseng skin repair helps to moisturize my skin and lightens my Acne scars!! AC cream was super cool, after a few days of using it, my pimples dry up pretty fast. I had visited New York Skin Solution, but it was a deep disappointment. There was lots of squeezing of my pimples but no result was seen.


However!! After trying the treatment here, my Acne skin problems had improved a lot (Since the 1st try). No squeezing or pain!!


Both Mdm Lim and Irene are really very nice people. They have good service here. Also you can approach them for any questions about skin problems. I really wanted to thank both of them for their help on my Acne face. If not them, my face would still be a disaster.


Thank you so much!!


He Jing

April 2010


I've used many “off-the-shelf” products in the market in hopes of a clearer complexion and none of them work as well as Dr. Pierre's.


I especially like:


1) 17F Deep Cleanse Refreshen ing Fluid which helps to cleanse and brighten my extremely sensitive skin from makeup and dirt everyday.


2) 90-L Herbal AC-Liquid, with its anti-bacterial properties, help to reduce my pimples and blemishes in days while preventing further out-breaks.


July 2009




I have been using Clinique products and other off-the-counter products but my complexion was still oily and I still suffered from pimples. After using Dr. Pierre's products my complexion has improved greatly and is less oily and pimple prone. The facials done by Mdm Lim is very good.


Karen Lim


September 23, 2009




I feel my face much smoother and less oily after the facial. And after using the products, the acne pop out lesser and now I only left some red marks on my face which is also much lighter as compared to the past. I believe that the mark will go off after a while more as I believe in Dr. Pierre's products! Thanks!


Kay Xiao Yan


September 9, 2009




Product used:


327 Facial Wash

069 Toner





OMG!! I am so so so impressed with the results. The facial had made my face so smooth and with the products (name above) used, my acne scar had lighten!!! I am so happy with the result and had gain a LOT of confidence of my look! Thanks Dr. Pierre and Ms. Lim for this AWESOME RESULT!!


Kay Xiao Yan


August 16, 2009



After a few facials, my acne problem, whitehead, pimples have all been reduced tremendously. Pimple does not hurt like before and my face is much less oily. Before that, my face will (be) oily right after an hour after I washed my face. But now, it will be oily only after a day at work and is still less oily tha n before.


Product 10F is very effective in cleaning my face and is refreshing and does not have any negative effects on my face. 90-0 Herbal AC Cream's result is excellent and acne, pimple, whiteheads goes down in days. Thanks Dr. Pierre products and Mdm Lim's facial. Mdm Lim is very friendly and kind too.


Kay Zong Wei





This is my second time here doing facial. Before I did my facial, I felt that my face is very oily, with painful acne all over. After the treatment, I felt very refreshed, the acne has significantly reduced too. I am very satisfied.


Kay Zong Wei

July 16, 2009




After facial, I could tell my skin was total cleanse. My uneven tones on face had improved. I always had white heads around my nose and chin. Pierre chenxu products able to get rid of it without any squeezing or other painful methods. That's fantastic. I have kind a… of 'baby skin' again.


Louis Woo





I find Dr. Pierre's products very good for my skin. After using the cleanser, acne lotion, moisturizer, etc. for about 1 month my skin has improved a lot.


Marian Tan

July 9, 2009




I had oily skin and my skin is acne-prone. After facials (treatment) done by Mdm Lim, my complexion has improved much. Dr. Pierre's products are very good. After using the cleansing fluid, toner, moisturizer, and acneic lotion for about 2 months my skin texture has improved, it is 70% less oily and I have no acne problem now. I am happy with the outcome after 7 treatment facials and use of Dr. Pierre's products.


Mariane Tan


August 19, 2009




After 5 facials, my complexion has improved much. Now there are no more dead cells and my skin is less oily after using Dr. Pierre's deep cleanse ginseng lotion, moisturizer, and herbal acneic fluid daily.


Mariane Tan

July 21, 2009




Today was my first ever time going for a facial treatment and I must say that I am not disappointed even one bit. In fact, this treatment was very effective in removing the blackheads and whiteheads that I have so painstakingly tried to remove on many occasions.


The service rendered was also of high standard and the treatment given to me made me feel more confident in introducing it to all my friends. I will certainly be coming for many more sessions in the future.


Mohd Alsyaari





I use Dr Pierre products #327, 069, 076, 016. After using, my skin improved. Very effective.


Molly Yim

September 23, 2009




Mdm Lim was very helpful in answering my queries. She did very well with the facial and was very professional. I liked it that there was no rough removal of whiteheads and blackheads that is normally practiced by other beauticians. I will definitely come back again.


Ms. Birch





Ms. Lim is very professional and helped me to solve my skin problem. I really feel difference after having facial.


Wish you all the best!




July 29, 2009




Mdm Lim I was very impressed by your facial service. Thanks for the Dr. Pierre products. I feel my skin softer and better.




Name unknown

September 6, 2009



I have been suffering from itchy facial skin and sensitive skin disorders. Product slowly clears the skin, the itch subsided. My skin looks refreshed and texture is soft and smoother. 90L AC-Fluid dries up my disorders. 89 Night repair soothes my skin dryness.




July 26, 2009



After my 4th facial my skin is not reddish and oily. The little bumps surfaces and dried up in the process. Skin is now smoother. I am looking forward to a youthful texture and glowing skin.




September 13, 2009



Dear Dr. Pierre,


Thank you for your personal attention and the special tailor made products that cured me of my eczema and serious itchy condition around my neck and chest.


I would definitely encourage others to seek your tailor made treatment products – it is worth the money spent. My skin glows and is baby soft.




December 3, 2009



After a week of using STS I find my hair has a softer feel and is light. My scalp is no longer dry and itchy. I also love using HPF after each shampoo because it helps my hair to be tangle free and it is not greasy at all.



October 11, 2009



I have been using Dr. Pierre Products since 2007. My face is no more oily and it's radiant. I have been using Herbal AC Liquid, Scalp shampoo, etc. The loose powder (face powder) is so good and not oily.


Sandy K_C


October 3, 2009



It was my first time using 91S Clear Pore Serum for my dry pealing skin and I was delighted that the product delivered results almost instantly.


The problem area subsided and my skin condition improved just within the first usage of the serum. Most of all, it only required a small amount of the serum for me to see the effects on my complexion.


I would recommend this serum to others who would like to see quick and effective results.



August 8, 2009



The 90-0 AC-Herbal cream dried up my pimples really fast. Overnight when I applied, it flattens out the next morning.




August 21, 2009



Dear Dr. Pierre, Mdm Lim,


Thanks for your dedicated facial services provided! You have been most kind and patient with my face! It's a blessing from God to know a wonderful person like you and I wish you a splendid 2010 with good health and even more blessings to come your way!




Soo Jee

December 31, 2009



I am very impressed after using Dr. Pierre products. I've been using my personal doctor cream it burns my skin heavily. After using Dr. Pierre products I can see better improvement. I been here for a few facials and spend good service with Ms. Lim. I happy with the product and will continue using the pimple cream 90-0 Herbal AC. Good Improvement. Thank you Dr. Pierre for the help.




August 30, 2009



After using Dr. Pierre products I feel my skin softer and clearer. I am happy with the product and will continue using.




July 26, 2009



I have been to many facial and will spent 3 hours on facial and extraction of blackheads was very painful. After trying Dr. Pierre facial only for 1 hour and I can see better result and no pain removing blackheads. I think it is the best.




July 26, 2009



I'm very grateful for Mdm Lim's services. She was very kind, helpful and warm. My skin becomes so much better compared to my previous state. Now, I'm confident that I will be healed only after 1 session. I see tremendous result and improvement. Thanks a billion. I shall recommend more friends to her. Hope business will flourish.




August 14, 2010



This is only the second time that I came here and I had seen tremendous results!!! My skin is not as oily as previously and my acne had reduced a lot! It's real and it's cheap and good. Try it and you won't regret. Trust me!


Xiao Yan




I find the facial here better than the rest that I had went before. The facial here made me feel very refresh and good and I find the effect much better too.

Xiao Yan




I think that the facial here is awesome! I had went to a few other facial salon before and there's a lot of squeezing done. I had to suffer the pain but no results was seen!




The facial here was awesome! There is no squeezing done but tremendous results was seen. I am very happy with the result!!!


Xiao Yan



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