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91S ClearPore Serum Blackheads Remover
An Efficacious Blackheads Remover cum Acne Skin Care Treatment for Acne Scars With NO SQUEEZING, NO PAIN, NO TEARS, within 7 minutes !

 91S Blackheads Remover

Price: USD36.70 (Ref: 91S)

A refreshing and gentle Herbal ClearPore Serum Blackheads Remover for everyone to achieve a silky clogged-free complexion. #91S Clearpore Serum works by gently dissolving & removing even stubborn & deeply embedded-debris while simultaneously moisturizing and revitalizing your skin to render a more youthful baby-soft and silkier clogged-free radiant complexion. An excellent Acne Treatment product and for Acne Scars too.


Regain your clean clear clogged-free youthful complexion without having to endure the torture of painful squeezing and harsh vacuum suckion, all within 7 minutes! Double as an Acne Scars Cleanser and Acne Treatment Cleanser!


* Alcohol Free - Does not dehydrate your delicate skin.
* Gentle & refreshing, & completely free of irritating solvents - Does not sensitize your delicate skin.
* Fragrance Free - will not activate UV-radiation reaction.
* Multi-herbal Exts. - excellent moisturizing, soothing & revitalizing actions, rendering your complexion more Moisturized, Softer, Silkier, more Refreshing and more Youthful.
* Unique herbal blend - deep cleanses, purifies extra oily skin & dissolves & removes embedded-debris while simultaneously moisturizing and revitalizing your skin.

Note: Acne sufferers should use it as Acne Scars Cleanser for your daily Acne Skin Care Treatment routine.


1. Apply adequate amount on clogged area or whole face, after normal cleansing(no wetting), & leave on for about 5 mins. For Acne Scars and Acne Skin Care Treatment cleansing routine, may also apply on whole face.
2. Gently massage with dry fingers for 1-2 mins(Blackheads and Clogged debris will surface visibly if done correctly).
3. Next, remove stains with dry tissue, & rinse thoroughly with running water.
4. Tap dry with tissue or towel.
5. Follow-up with a Dr. Pierre Toner of choice.

Note: You can alternate 91S ClearPore Serum Blackheads Remover with #031 Ginseng Purifying Scrub(V2 Blackheads Remover) or #17 Ginseng Exfoliating Gel.


BUY 91S ClearPore Serum (V3 Blackheads Remover) NOW!


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