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ABOUT US : Pioneer In Revolutionary Blackheads Remover, Natural Acne Skin Care Treatment, Natural Facial Treatments Without Using Harmful Electrical Gadgets

Trend-leader in Painless Blackheads Remover And In Several Other Beauty Industry area.

Rest assured you are dealing with a real established brick-and-mortar herbal cosmeceuticals manufacturing company and Skincare Clinic from Singapore (with over 3 decades of experience in the beauty industry), and a real person, who is no other than Dr. Pierre, with over 30 years of hands-on beauty therapy and R+D experience in formulating unique efficacious International Award-winning herbal skin care products like our Painless Blackheads Remover and Herbal Acne Skin Care Treatment products.

Blackheads Remover And Acne Skin Care Treatment Clinic

Every product Dr. Pierre formulated is Result and End-user Benefits oriented, thus rendering >95% of satisfied customers no other company can match. Listen to What Our Customers Say.

Being Unique, these are What We NEVER DO

1.  Never Uses Free Conventional Formulas from raw materials suppliers

2. Never Deceitfully claims that our products are Clinically-tested, Dermatologists tested/approved, FDA- cleared/approved and the likes

3.  Never Pays Celebrities in glamorous advertisements to lie and make deceitful testimonials that they used our products

4.  Never made deceitful Claims that our products can reverse or stop ageing

5.  Never Uses DI touch-up tricks on hard copy prints, Print Ads and TVCs to show deceitful positive Acne Skin Care Treatment results 

6.  Never Makes our customers feel and believe that their skin is hopeless

7.  Never Uses facial salon machinery and gadgets (in the name of 'revolutionary technology') to skin you and ruin your complexion  

And these are What We ALWAYS DO

1.     Always Conducts Rigorous R&D to concoct our own Unique International Award-Winning formulas (such as our Blackheads Remover and Herbal Acne Treatment products) that render Fast Efficacious Results.

2.     Always Refused to make such deceitful claims because there is no neutral authoritative body to verify such claims. Moreover, end-users, like yourselves, are the best and more credible judges with no personal agenda. Over 95% of DR. PIERRE customers vow that our products are of high Efficacies and Quality 

3.     Always relies on willing live customers' testimonials alone.

4.     Always advocates that no products and technology can help reverse/stop ageing, and always being able to prove that Dr. Pierre products can help slow down Premature ageing effectively

5.     Always uses original untouched-up images as they are in all our ads 

6.     Always do our utmost to find an answer to improve your complexion and help regain your lost Confidence 

7.     Always relies solely on the high efficacies of DR. PIERRE herbal products like our Blackheads Remover and Herbal Acne Skin Care Treatment products to render Radiant Youthful Baby-Soft complexion on end-users, like you 


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Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals

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Tel: +65-64409388

Email: dpherbal@gmail.com

Operating Hours: Mon to Sun between 11.00 am and 8.00 PM Singapore time (GMT +8.00 hours)